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MATLAB and PSpice for Electronic Circuits

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Product Description:
Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9788972839972
ISBN: 8972839973
Label: Hongrung Publishing Company
Languages: Array
Manufacturer: Hongrung Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Hongrung Publishing Company
Studio: Hongrung Publishing Company
Editorial Review:
CHAPTER 1: LOAD LINE ANALYSIS AND FOURIER SERIES 1.1 LOAD LINE ANALYSIS 1.2 FOURIER SERIES CHAPTER 2: DIODE CIRCUITS 2.1 THE V-I CHARACTERISTIC OF DIODES 2.2 ANALYSIS/SIMULATION OF DIODE CIRCUITS 2.3 ZENER DIODES CHAPTER 3: TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS 3.1 BJT (BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTOR) 3.2 BJT AMPLIFIER CIRCUITS 3.3 LOGIC GATES USING DIODES/TRANSISTORS 3.4 FET (FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTOR) 3.4.1 JFET (Junction FET) 3.4.2 MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor FET) 3.4.3 MOSFET Used as a Resistor 3.4.4 MOSFET Inverter 3.4.5 CMOS Logic Circuits 3.5 FET AMLIFIER 3.5.1 Common-Source Amplifier 3.5.2 Common-Drain Amplifier (Emitter Follower) 3.5.3 Common-Gate Amplifier 3.5.4 Common-Source Amplifier with FET Load 3.6 DESIGN OF TRANSISTOR AMPLIFIER 3.6.1 Design of BJT AMplifier 3.6.2 Design of FET Amplifier CHAPTER 4: OP AMP CIRCUITS 4.1 OP AMP BASICS 4.2 OP AMP CIRCUITS WITH RESISTORS 4.2.1 OP Amp Circuits with Negative Feedback 4.2.2 OP Amp Circuits with Positive Feedback 4.3 FIRST-ORDER OP AMP CIRCUITS 4.3.1 First-Order OP Amp Circuits with Negative Feedback 4.3.2 First-Order OP Amp Circuits with Positive Feedback 4.3.3 555 Timer Using OP Amp as Comparator 4.4 SECOND-ORDER OP AMP CIRCUITS 4.4.1 MFB (Multi-Feedback) Topology 4.4.2 Sallen-Key Topology 4.5 ACTIVE FILTER 4.5.1 First-Order Active Filter 4.5.2 Second-Order Active LPF/HPF 4.5.3 Second-Order Active BPF 4.5.4 Second-Order Active BSF CHAPTER 5: ANALOG FILTER 5.1 ANALOG FILTER DESIGN 5.2 PASSIVE FILTER REALIZATION 5.2.1 Lowpass Filter (LPF) 5.2.2 Highpass Filter (HPF) 5.2.3 Bandpass Filter (BPF) 5.2.4 Bandstop Filter (BSF) 5.2.5 Frequency Scaling and Transformation 219 5.2.6 Multistage LC Filter 221 5.2.7 L-Type Impedance Matcher 5.2.8 T- and -Type Impedance Matchers 5.3 ACTIVE FILTER REALIZATION
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