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#1: Flagstaff blues part 2 Author: perrib , Location: Chandler Post Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:07 PM
Saturday night it was decided to finish the Lakes run.
7.00 am Sunday
Desperate for more mileage another misplaced Zenith carb gave up it's # 140 main jets.
Provisioned with a 15% percent blend of Moose Juice in the fuel tank, five spare gallons of 91 and 3 gallons of Moose.
7:30 am Basha's for more burros, soda, ice, grapes etc.
By 9:00 am we were stopped on Four Peaks Rd. checking out a stuck 60's Chevy. The clutch would not release and it would not come out of third gear. He was stuck about four miles south of our fuel crisis yesterday.
Roosevelt Lake two-thirds of the way down the mountain.

Four Peaks from the Tonto Basin side. Fuel was not a problem with no side trips and rejetting we had gone about 95 miles on 3.8 gallons of fuel. Now the fuel was about 6% Moose.

Four Peaks from one of the lake's campsites.

Other than 9 hawks circling above us, these were the only other users at the site.

Roosevelt was 85% full, a first since the dam was raised. The beaches are gone and trees are in the water. Without a boat it makes for an interesting swim.

Before the dam was raised you could drive across the top like at Hoover dam. Now you cross via a shinny new bridge.

Back side of the Roosevelt Dam.

This picture gives a better perspective.

Next stop Apache Lake. Three mile Wash campsite. Left side.

Right side.

The water was cool and clear and the beach was sandy.
We stopped at Upper Burnt Corral, Burnt Corral and Davis campsites but the first was the best. Apache Lake is accessed by dirt road. The road keeps the I got money but I gave up all my common sense crowd away for the most part. Although as a Chevy 4x4 and I slowed down and pulled to the right on the one lane road like you are supposed to. A REALLY SMART YUPPER in a purple FJ took it as a sign to drag race. He was behind the Chevy about 200 feet and dropped it down two gears and squeezed between use at 60 mph. If only were allowed to fully use a 300 Winchester Magnum's potential. Four flat tires would be fitting.
Next stop Canyon Lake.

Leaving Apache



3:00 pm We did not stop at Canyon. It was 3:00 pm. Like Apache Lake this Canyon Lake is narrow, but since the road to it is paved, extremely crowded with boats. It is best seen from a jet ski or boat during the week.
Leaving Canyon Lake.

Next stop was Tortilla Flats a very tiny supply town that has survived. Unfortunately the picture did not. Inside the restaurant/bar.The original burnt down 20 years ago but the
new one looks the same just a little bigger with custom bar stools.

Dollar bills with names on them are everywhere.

5:30 pm The Superstion Mountains

Goldfield mining camp in Apache Junction .

%:30 pm All good things must end to to go home. Another short 250 mile trip.

I have not filled up yet but the mileage is much better. Sticking the tank shows 4 gallons left. 250 miles with 10 gallons. Staying out of sand and jetting really helped. I do have a couple of cracks to weld up before the next ride.

#2: Re: Flagstaff blues part 2 Author: AzBaja , Location: Mesa, AZ Post Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 08:50 AM
we need to make you in charge of the road trips, seems your off on one every week.

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