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#1: Time to let go.... Author: Treeposter , Location: High Desert, CA Post Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 04:48 PM
Hello! I am new to the forum. Maybe having to sign up was a good thing? I think it'll help me get over my sentimental attachment to my Baja. I'm trying to make my life simpler so I can spend more time enjoying life instead of wasting time managing all my STUFF. I'm not hoarding, I just don't NEED everything I own.
Anyways I learned to drive in a 67 Baja and I live in off-road country.
That Baja played a major role in my best memories of my dad and I tell him all the time.
We'd go off-roading and stop to get a hotdog and soda. That memory trumps countless trips to Disneyland, major vacations, and other things I did when I was a kid. And all it cost was some gas and a 50 cent hot dog. My co-pilot was my best friend who passed away a few years ago.
I learned to drive in that car.
I grew up a Baja kid. I watched my dad rebuild it and dreamed to do the same.
It didn't quite go that way... but I thank it for the memories.

#2: Time to let go.... Author: Dirtjunkie , Location: Looking for that tool I just set down. Post Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 04:07 PM
Keep it and make new memories.

#3: Time to let go.... Author: MojaveRacer208 , Location: Lake LA - SoCal Mojave Desert Post Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:23 PM
Like you, my 1st car was my '58 Baja. It was a stock bug then and a few years later, I converted it to a Baja for my dad who continued to own it for another 3 decades. He and I shared it for all that time. Then he lost the ability to drive and gave it to me in '98. I then rebuilt it to what it's like now.

I too have WAY too much stuff... In my opinion. But those who call me a hoarder are either jealous or have no clue what my things are or what they're for. What's money for but to buy things? If you don't keep the things you buy, then why do you buy them? And then, why would you need money? And isn't money what everyone's after? So keep what ya got and don't worry about the jealous.

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